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MicroSonic Solutions offers complete antimicrobial solutions that are effective, fast, and can fit into any and all cleaning protocols.  We partner with companies in auto care, aviation, cruise, education, food, healthcare, and public transportation industries to provide solutions that inhibit the colonization and growth of microbial threats such as Influenza-like Illnesses, Listeria, E. Coli, MRSA, and many more.

All of MicroSonic Solutions antimicrobial systems utilize innovative spray technology with antimicrobial chemistries.  This combination helps our customers reduce the risk of human error during regular cleaning and provides comprehensive antimicrobial coverage on surfaces in a matter of seconds.

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United Airlines Using MicroSonic NovaRover to Enhance Aircraft Cleanliness

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Our Solutions / What We Do

We take the time to learn and understand our customer's needs so that we can provide the ideal solution.  Our spraying devices can be used for all types of application.
Our specially designed nozzles are engineered to provide wall-to-wall coverage and protect surfaces that may have been overlooked during regular cleaning.
All of MicroSonic's devices are easy to operate and require minimal training.  For use, attach our pre-packaged chemistry and press the start button on the device.
Wall-to-wall antimicrobial protection can be achieved in a matter of seconds with our unique spraying devices.
Our antimicrobial chemistries begins working immediately to remediate microbes.


MicroSonic's spraying devices achieve consistent antimicrobial coverage because of our specially designed spray nozzles.  Our nozzles deliver antimicrobial coverage by producing a spray that swirls in a cyclonic pattern.  This fine spray rapidly covers a designated area, settles quickly, dries near immediately, leaving no visible residue.

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